Witness the Olympics this Year at the Eleventh-Hour

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The best of all athletes might be already on their final days of training for the most anticipated international event for 2012, the Olympic Games, and while it seems like it is already too late to start planning on your trip for this July event, there is actually no need to worry that much.
Same as how London organizers are cramming on last-minute preparations for the 2012 Summer Olympics, you, too, have the chance to witness this grand event even at the eleventh-hour.
New York Times Travel author Michelle Higgins shares precious tips on how you could catch this worldwide event even on a desperate form of planning (“Want to Go to the Olympics? Act Now”). She shares that “Even without tickets, visitors can watch several events live by staking out a good spot on the sidelines.”
Here’s a short excerpt from her very informative article:
You can even pitch a tent at designated sites in the city. Camp In London, a pop-up campsite on a field in Walthamstow, East London, is just four miles from the heart of the city and a less than 10-minute free shuttle bus ride from the Olympic Park. Pre-erected tents cost £40 a person or you can pitch your own for £15 a person.
Read the rest of her article here, and you will know that there are still good chances for you to personally witness this year’s Olympic Games!
So quickly plan your trip to London and to the Olympics today!

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