Top 5 Safari Adventures in Turkey

Turkey is renowned all over the world for several things including the great Ottoman Empire, the geographical vantage location between two major civilizations as well as its political balancing between the Islamic and Arab origin and European Union. What most people do not know about the country is that it is one of the most adventure-friendly tourist destinations in the world and if the safari adventures highlighted below are anything to go by, you should be headed there for your ultimate safari experience.

1. Camel Wrestling at the Aegean Coast

It is not globally marketed, but watching the camel wrestle is as ancient a form of entertainment in the Aegean coast as the Ephesus and Troy towns have existed. On your tour of the coast, ask your guide to let you watch at least one is as interesting as it is funny...the camels are not aggressive by nature.

2. White Water rafting in the Kaçkar mountains

When the snow melts on the Kaçkar mountains, the volume of the water in the rivers is suddenly increased and the flow speeds higher. This forms an ideal condition for those who love rafting to navigate their boat through the class IV rapids - a life threatening but enjoyable experience, especially for the expert rafters.

3. Home Stay in Kurdish Villages

The Kurds are renowned worldwide for their cuisines as well as horse riding exploits. The best way to experience these two Kurdish traditions is by staying in their homes at a small fee. The women will make you great Kurdish cuisines and the men will take you on a mountain safari on a horse.

4. Walking the Lycian Way

The Lycian Way is a coastal strip that offers you the best views of the Turkish coast. Walking along this strip will give you the ideal atmosphere for relaxing and unwinding. If you are in the creative arts profession, this is the kind of place that gives you the inspiration you need to come out of the writer's block or finish that last bar of the music you are composing.

5. Balloon Ride over Cappadocia

The lunar-like landscape of the ancient city of Cappadocia will make you feel like you are riding a space ship and visiting some alien colony somewhere in the space. The city is burrowed into the rocky landscape and ventilations carved out of the rocks creatively. It is one of those places you visit over and over again without getting bored.

Turkey is not a cheap destination, but the money you spend here is more than worth it. Besides, there is nowhere else on earth you can experience the things you get here.

by Kennedy Runo on 03/10/2014 in Outdoor Activities