Sunset at Rick’s in Jamaica

Vacationing in Negril, Jamaica wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the picturesque sunset at Ricks Café Jamaica. Only a ten-minute drive from the town of Negril, Rick’s Café sits comfortably on the cliffs at West End.

Patrons are greeted with the sound of live Reggae music embodying the Jamaican culture. The walk to the dining area is a brief one and well worth it, as the menu has a wide variety of, both, local and internationally influenced cuisine. The bar selection is not lacking either, as one can enjoy a virgin drink or a Jamaican rum-infused cocktail, while watching the dramatic sunset.

Rick’s Café is not only known for their food as people from all over the world look forward to the dive in the deep blue waters below the cliffs. Visitors are frequently entertained by locals performing acrobatic tricks off the cliffs. You can also schedule a small boat tour from Ricks along the cliff line, which may last up to an hour.

Ask about the beautiful private Kabanas on the top of the cliff where a family of four can comfortably store their belongings and lounge the day away with a personal waiter at your service.

by Blogger011 on 09/17/2013 in Sightseeing