St. Christopher Club

Talk of an ideally located holiday spot and you will be talking about the St. Christopher Club in St. Kitts. It is nestled at the confluence of the Caribbean Sea and the majestic Atlantic Ocean. Put upscale accommodations in the mix and you have yourself a destination you would want to visit before you kick the bucket.

The club boasts several categories of accommodations including;

Whichever selection you make to stay in, you are guaranteed maximum comfort. Among the appointments at the resort include; air conditioning, contemporary furniture, king-size and queen-size beds and many more.

General amenities at the resort include; two swimming pools, a tennis court, a volleyball court, the Ciao Italian fine dining restaurant and the Rock Lobster Restaurant where you are served with international cuisine.

Popular holiday activities at the resort include;

Sounds impressive? Make a reservation today for your chance at experiencing the authentic St. Kitts holiday.

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by Kennedy Runo on 10/23/2014 in Hotels