Shop for Antiques at the Le Louvre des Antiquaires

With more or less 250 sellers spread throughout the three floors of Le Louvre des Antiquaires, you’ll definitely get dizzy with the number of antiques sold in this part of Paris. Whether you’re thinking of a 70-year old Rolex with an unusual eggplant crocodile for a strap or a vintage diamond-and-gold brooch with the signature of Jean Fouquet, the antique shops that line this building will surely make you think that a purchase of one or two isn’t entirely enough.

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-- the really new element resides in the commercial concept of the Louvre des Antiquaires… This group of 250 antiques and jewellery shops offers a wide panorama of specialties, sufficient to satisfy an experienced collector searching for a specific item or an impulse buy by a bargain-hunter. With an atmosphere enhanced by the amassed multitude of objects, giving an impression of profusion and consistency, refusal of specialization by sector within the building and muted lighting and corridors that accentuate the display windows, spotlighting them like jewels in their cases, the Louvre des Antiquaires stands out as a unique place in Europe.

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