If you have ever wanted to travel to Rome, now is the time to do it! See the Colosseum in the middle of a busy thoroughfare, as much a part of the city now as it was in ancient Rome. The Colosseum has long been regarded as an example of exemplary Roman architecture. It is a symbol of times past and empires gone. The history this place contains is almost palpable. The floors of the Colosseum have all but collapsed, but that only reveals the holding area below, where the condemned waited to fight for their lives. Visit this building and go travel back in time. Tours are available throughout the week – be sure to call for a tour in the language of your choice. 
Tour St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, and Vatican museums. See Michelangelo’s work with your own eyes instead of looking at it in a book.  You can also visit the Roman Forum - place where Caesar was born. The Roman Forum was the centre of Roman life. Celebratory processions, government business, criminal trials, and an open marketplace were held here. 
Rome is an incredible place to be no matter what time of year you travel. Our limited time offer includes the Edera hotel for 7 nights and direct flights with Air Transat. The trip will occur from May 19 to May 27. The total cost per person is $1,663.00 with all taxes included.
Don’t miss your opportunity to see Rome, one of the most amazing cities in the world.