Relax at Lord Elgin Hotel in Downtown Ottawa

The British, with their aristocratic social structure and accent straight from the an oversized larynx have a way of making everything look spectacular. From the castles to ships to soccer pitches to double decker buses, they always manage to amaze the rest of us ordinary folks. Lord Elgin Hotel is one of their inventions in Canada's capital, Ottawa.

The hotel is named after the Earl of Elgin and first governor of the united Canada - James Bruce. The hotel is an amazing piece of ancient architecture with a chateausque roof. The hotel was first built in in 1941 by Ford Hotel Company. It has 355 rooms. It is one of the hotels that show the bond between Canada and the United Kingdom. The hotel is an important Ottawa landmark, with the parliament buildings, Rideau Canal, and Ottawa Convention Centre being a stone throw away from the hotel.

The hotel boasts some world class accommodations. The rooms are divided into 4 major classes namely the traditional guestrooms, Parkview guestrooms, Elgin Class Guestrooms and Ensuites. The hotel has a no smoking policy and therefore you can expect top class facilities that are free of tobacco smells.

The hotel also has a fitness center open for its guests and a five star restaurant called Grill 41. It also has a 13,000 square feet worth of meeting rooms. The valet parking services ensure guests do not have to stay in their cars as they wait for some parking space to clear.

The National Capital Marathon and the Canada Army Run, both of which start at the hotel, offers the hotel's guest a chance to mingle with the Canadians. Amazingly, the hotel is a member of the Green Key Certified Hotels, a group of hotels that have united to promote eco-friendly tourist activities.

Staying at the hotel reminds one of the United Kingdom and her friendly people. Although at first you may dismiss the British as snobs, once you learn their culture, they are a pretty good people and that is the message the Lord Elgin Hotel in Canada tries to pass on to its guests.

by Kennedy Runo on 11/15/2013 in Hotels