Must-See Backpacking Destinations in New Zealand

New Zealand might be one of the last nations to have attracted humans to permanently settle in it because of its seclusion from the rest of its neighboring countries, but it is undoubtedly one of the first places to have drawn backpacking travelers who thirst for both adventure and serenity.

Read on to learn more about the must-see backpacking destinations in New Zealand. We will enumerate the top places that every backpacker must visit in the Long White Cloud, from charming beaches and lush greeneries to calming springs and magnificent marine wildlife.

1. Rotorua

Aside from the chance to taste a time-honored Maori Hangi meal and to check out ethnic Maori villages, travelers who possess an adventurous spirit may appreciate the hectares of greeneries, unique geysers, relaxing hot springs and mud pools and about 17 stunning lakes offered by Rotorua.

It is also in here where biking enthusiasts will find the ‘Disneyland of Mountain Bike’. You may find this Cycle Routes and Maps in New Zealand helpful.

2. Kaikoura

Most travelers leave for the simple town of Kaikoura mainly for the amazing marine wildlife it offers. It is a must-see backpacking destination in New Zealand because of the endless opportunities to spot dolphins and whales. You could book a day tour for $140 per person, and start the tour as early seven in the morning.

You could even opt to go swimming with the dusky dolphins if you’re brave enough! Here’s a list of activities in Kaikoura aside from dolphin- and whale-watching.

3. Aoraki

Also known as Mount Cook, this national park is regarded as the highest peak in NZ. Without a doubt, this alpine park will once again tickle the risk-taker in you with activities like mountaineering, glacier sea kayaking, skiing, hiking and tramping. Check out this Aoraki Mount Cook National Park travel guide.

4. Bay of Islands

Meanwhile, travelers who simply want to bum at the beach should definitely explore the lovely coasts boast by this part of the North Island. From bold cliffs to white-sand beach strips, Bay of Islands is definitely one of the top destinations for both local and foreign backpackers.

Learn more about exciting activities in Bay of Islands, and make the most out of your travel!

There are, in fact, more backpacking destinations in NZ, but these are the most popular of them all. So book your trip to New Zealand now!

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