Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort

For all you can tell, the beach stretches to the end of the world. You are straining to see where the beautiful stretch of white sand against blue waters end. The slight noise coming from the waves hitting the shores and the cool breeze from the high seas is just what you came here for. As the palms sways, you take out your camera and take the picture of the beautiful Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort. You are still getting acquainted with the landscape of the resort, but based on the number of beautiful, happy people you have interacted with, you can already tell you are going to have a wonderful holiday.

This can be your story. It is the story of every guest that stays at the Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort. The resort helps families make fond memories. It rekindles the once fiery intimacy that couples had for each other. If you want to start your marriage with bang, this is the place to honeymoon. For those of you who wish to host unforgettable meetings, you could not have selected a better place.

The resort has three distinct sections on which the accommodations are spread. There is the Sunrise, Nizuc and Grand. Each of the sections feature comfortable rooms and suites appointed with facilities such as satellite TV, individually controlled air-con, wireless internet, coffee maker, alarm clock, a telephone etc.

To whet your appetite, there is literally no popular cuisine around the world that you cannot find. Whether you want Mexican, American, Italian or Asian cuisine, you will find it. Vegetables, steaks, seafood, Caribbean food, Brazilian food are some of the meals you can eat to appease your taste buds.

Guess what? You cannot exhaust the number of recreational activities at this resort. Some of the most common activities include; Golfing, surfing, communing with the dolphins, scuba diving, casino, karaoke, high energy parties and many more.

Since describing the resort in words might be doing this resort a disservice, take a leap of faith and visit this resort. You will never regret the decision. Click here to see what those that have been there have to say about it.

by Kennedy Runo on 07/18/2014 in Hotels