Make Room for the Gorgeous Guernsey in Your Travel Plans This Year

Coast on Guernsey Island



Included in the Channel Islands, the gorgeous islands of Guernsey are surprisingly near France, and this little fact is evidently embedded into its culture.
When you visit this part of the English Channel, you will definitely appreciate a bilingual community that fluently speaks both English and French. Aside from this, you’d see a hint of French background through the French street names and a tad of French cuisines in both restaurant and homemade cooking.
Daily Mail UK travel writer Jo Kessel had the opportunity to travel to Guernsey, and see the unquestionable splendor that its islands boast of (“Guernsey Glamour: Picturesque Pathways, Potato Peel Pie and even Jenson Button”). It came as a surprise to her to see that it is only of late when an upmarket hotel was constructed on the island.
Below is a short excerpt of her recent article:
The boutique Old Government House in the heart of St. Peter Port was last year promoted from four to five stars… Oozing with character and elegant opulence, it’s a far cry from how it might have been when used as the official governor’s residence back in 1796. Lavish crystal chandeliers hang at every twist and turn… Walls of labyrinthine corridors are covered in beaded fabric, with nooks and crannies filled with antiques.
Check out the rest of her fairly interesting article, and you would absolutely be enticed as well to visit Guernsey!

So start planning your trip to the gorgeous Guernsey Islands today!


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