How to Travel With Sensitive Skin

This post might appeal more to the ladies but healthy skin is good for everyone, and can be tricky to manage when you’re traveling. Luckily, Dr. Leslie Baumann from Fodor’s posted [10 Tips for Traveling with Sensitive Skin][1]. ![alt title]( Dr. Baumann warns against trying new products for the first time and recommends instead sticking to tried-and-true lotions and washes while you travel. Stay away from fragrances in hot environments, and know the right and wrong way to use shampoo and conditioner. One tip not mentioned that's super important is to stay hydrated by drinking tons of water, especially during flights. It’ll help rejuvenate your skin and keep it from drying out. [1]:

by Anglo Brampton Travel on 09/13/2011 in Rest & Relaxation