Go Kayaking at the Panama Canal

The Panama Canal has some of the most beautiful water to be on for a trip. Kayaking down the canal is exciting and full of surprises.

Your paddle dips into the cool, clear water one side at a time propelling your kayak forward. Keeping up with the tour guide you watch the scenery around you waiting to see something else pop its head out of the greenery. Turquoise water jumps to greet your kayak as you paddle farther and farther out.

Kayaking the Panama Canal will surprise you in its diversity. You can't go kayaking without getting a bit wet. The splash from outside the kayak will not compare to some of the stops along the way. Stop along your way and get out of the kayak to take a swim in a lazy pool.

You will find the fresh water lake a gentle and relaxing ride before heading to narrower waters and the rain forest. Listen to the sounds of the rain forest as you paddle past all of the secrets it holds. The lush greenery will command your attention because of its all natural beauty.

It is exciting to see this much territory untouched by progress. Get a glimpse of the manicured underbrush and the climbing vines eking out a trail to the top of a lone tree. The sounds you can hear will make you shiver with anticipation of what will come next.

A silly grin will be locked onto your face as you follow your guide looking forward to more and more things to see and hear. Learn about the surrounding land and all its inhabitants. An adrenalin rush will come your way when you see white caps in the distance. There is nothing more promising while kayaking than some rapids to delve into.

If you love the water and you love to be on the water, or in it, then kayaking the Panama Canal is the right way for you to have a great vacation. Don't delay, take some time and enjoy the nature of things.

by Blogger007 on 11/07/2013 in Outdoor Activities