Experience Caribbean Agri-Tourism at Belmont Estate

At around 1994, Norbert & Lyris Nyack purchased their second estate, which they called Belmont Estate. Amazingly, they were the first East Indians to own land in Grenada. Before this, only Europeans could own land. Over the years they bought a maximum of 6 estates. However, today only Belmonte Estate remains as an agricultural production Estate in the family's business and the granddaughter of the pioneers, one Ms. Shandel Nyack has embarked in making a thriving business in memory of her grandparents.

Surprisingly, the estate has not only employed a huge number of people but has also become of the center of agri-tourism, earning Grenada government a lot of foreign exchange in the process.

The agri-tourism business started with a restaurant with an average of 20 seats. Due to demand, the farm increased this to 110. The estate also built a museum which boasted a lot of Grenadian antiques and artwork. It also gave tours in the farm to showcase their value addition prowess. However, in 2004, all this hard work was completely destroyed by Hurricane Ivan and it was back to square one for Shandel.

Just when things were starting to look up, Hurricane Emily struck and things became very bad. This time, the hurricane destroyed the crops in the farm, particularly nutmeg and cocoa plants. It also completely destroyed the farm office, the museum and other tourists’ facilities.

Not one to give up easily, Ms. Shandel was up and around again looking for financing, and soon enough, she got assistance of United States Agency for International Development to rebuild the entire infrastructure at the farm and some additional assistance from United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization to furnish the buildings. The Farm is up and running again and it has seen an increase of tourists in the recent days.

It boasts facilities that can host weddings, reunions, anniversaries and many other functions. In addition to this, it has local bands that will give visitors something to talk about for many years.

Visitors can buy Grenadian books, recipe books, homemade spices, homemade preserves and cheese among many other things on sale.

Belmont Estate is where grace, tradition, tranquil, and beauty meets the Grenadian hospitality. Enjoy the best of Agri-tourism at this magnificent Grenadian estate.


by Kennedy Runo on 11/01/2013 in Hotels