5 Olympic sites you need to see in Utah

In 1896, Utah became the 45th State to join the United States of America. Later, the state would become the 33rd most populous, 10th least densely populated and 13th largest state in the union. Even better, the State would become one of the few states in the world that have had the chance to successfully bid to host an Olympic event in the 2002 Winter Olympics. Below are the Olympics legacy sites in Utah, and which, you would want to see.

1. Utah Olympic Oval

With a 442-meter running track, 400-meter skating track surrounds two international sized ice sheets and an altitude of 4675 meters, the Utah Olympic Oval is one of the best skating rinks in the world. The fact that the facility hosted the long track speed skating events for the 2002 games is a testament to this fact.

2. Snowbasin

With a top elevation of 9,350 ft. (2,850 m), a capacity of 14,650 skiers per hour and 3000 acres of skiable area, you would be right to say that the Snowbasin is one of the best skiing destinations in the world. In fact, it is. It hosted the 2002 Winter Olympic alpine downhill skiing races as well as the super-G. Amazingly, the movie 'Frozen' was shot there in 2009.

3. Peaks Ice Arena

This is an 8,400- capacity indoors arena that is used for ice hockey. In 2002 Winter Olympics, it hosted a number of ice hockey games. Today, it is home to BYU Cougar men's ice hockey team, Peaks Youth Hockey Association, and several high school teams. Trust me; a visit to this arena will be as awe inspiring as it will be entertaining.

4. E Center

This is a 10,500 indoors arena that is currently home to Utah Grizzlies. It is ideal for ice hockey events. In the 2002 winter Olympics Games, it was the main ice hockey venue.

5. Soldier Hollow

Biathlon, cross-country skiing, and Nordic combined are some of the games that this cross-country ski resort hosted during the Winter 2002 Olympics Games. Today it bills itself as a cross-country skiing, tubing, and snowshoeing resort, while at the same time offering mountain biking and golfing during summer.

Utah is a big place - a place you would wish was your home state when you see all the winter sports facilities this state has. Make sure you visit as many winter sports facilities as you can. It is not every day you get to venture out during winter and have fun...

by Kennedy Runo on 02/03/2014 in Outdoor Activities