5 beaches in the US you must visit

Nothing beats heading out to the beach with a bottle of expensive champagne, some sunblock lotion, a picnic mat and sunglasses for a day of sunbathing. At the beach, you can watch beautiful people surf, and have good time. You can dip into the ocean waters and take a swim if you are tired of soaking the sun. The tan on your body will make your friends jealous upon returning home in the evening. But what are the best beaches to do all this in US? Below are a couple of them.

1. Ka'anapali Beach in Lahaina, Hawaii

This beach is great for romantic walks, luxurious swimming, snorkeling in the beautiful bays, surfing and watching the sun sink into the horizon. The beach is clean and quiet and offers the ultimate relaxation serenity every holiday maker yearns for.

2. Siesta Key Public Beach in Siesta Key, Florida

As the name suggests, this is a place to relax with a novel as you soak in the sun. If you are not the reading type, you can make friends very quickly here and learn some of the beach sports such as beach volleyball. The beach is open to public and you will get to mingle with people from as far away as Mexico.

3. Pensacola Beach, Florida

This is another beach in Florida that you do not want to miss. It is popular with surfers for its waves. The beach boasts pristine white sands. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the USA and has been a scene for various beach movies.

4. Fort De Soto Park in Terra Verde, Florida

This beach is popular for activities such as Bird-watching, Picnicking, Camping, Fishing etc. It is located off the beaten path unlike the city beaches that are noisy and clouded. The beach boasts shady picnic area, plenty of free parking, pavilions for family/group gatherings and beautiful white sand for relaxing.

5. Lanikai Beach in Kailua, Hawaii

This is one of the most exclusive beaches in the world. If you are travelling with public means, you will have to connect three times but the beach is more than worth it. It is popular with snorkeling and kayaking buffs. If you want a little privacy, then this beach is the best fit you will find Hawaii. The fact that it is off the beaten path makes it ideal for couples that are out to have some romantic fun on the beach.

This list is just a scratch on the surface. US boast hundreds of beaches that are suitable for the holiday makers. Make sure your destination suits your needs.

by Kennedy Runo on 01/10/2014 in Rest & Relaxation