A 5-day vacation in Wales is enough to both unwind and take in the beauty of this country.

What are the Top Things to Do When in Wales

You are so excited for this trip, yet you feel so helpless with the multitude of options you are presented with.  Where do you start in planning your great getaway in Wales?  

Let us help you identify what to do and where to go in your diverse Wales exploration.  

A great jump off point in planning your first destinations would be exploring the great outdoors.  In this itinerary, be sure to include visits to ancient ruins, and spare some time to stroll across breath-taking brooks or rolling bucolic hills.  

Immersing yourself in the rich culture and history of Wales is a must.  Art galleries and museums as well as important landmark visits are in this itinerary.  In addition to this, Nature trips to garden sites make you appreciate Wales even more.  Spend quiet times in cafes observing people, and you’ll surely experience a great way to end the day.

To supplement the abovementioned tips, Visit Wales, the contact point for anything about the country, included the following in their Wales Top Ten:  

1. Millennium Stadium – a monument to international rugby
2. Bog snorkelling – an unusual event in Llanwrtyd Wells
3. Hay on Wye – for second-hand books
4. National Museum tours – enter for free to these great landmarks
5. Coasteering – breath-taking sceneries explorations
6. Welsh Castles – over 600 castles to choose from
7. Climbing Snowdon – explore the highest point of Wales at the Snowdia National Park
8. Cardiff Nightlife – with over 300 bars to choose for night caps
9. Portmeirion – the mysterious  fantasy village
10. Wakestock – the largest wakeboard music festival in Europe

Now that the plan seems to be in place, don’t forget to make the necessary travel arrangements!

Get started as early as now!

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