Wales' 3 Wonderful National Parks

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Stretching across the Welch countryside are magnificient expanses of green and mountainous scenery. Much of this land has been deemed environmentally important and therefore deserving of government protection. For the tourist, this means three spectacular National Parks, waiting to be explored. 


In addition to the areas that have been designated as National Parks, the Welch government has also identified smaller but still important parts of the region as ”Areas of Outstanding Beauty.” While these labels are primarily for environmental reasons rather than to promote tourism, you can be sure that you will experience unspoiled scenery at its finest.

National Park status offers the highest level of environmental and planning protection in Wales, to the extent that each National Park is also a Governmental Organization in its own right, called a “National Park Authority.”

Within the parks are (carefully planned) facilities including Public Toilets, Parking, Visitor Center, and even Gift Shops selling branded merchandise.

The 3 National Parks:
Brecon Beacons National Park in Mid Wales. 
Enjoy the stunning landscape, canal paths, castles, rolling countryside, waterfalls, and more. Plenty of family attractions, outdoor activities, and musical events, including the international Hay Festival. Here is info about where to stay locally in Brecon Beacons, or for a wider geographical area, visit Mid Wales Tourism

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park in South Wales. 
The first National Park in the UK, this park has everything from rugged hills to sandy beaches. Climb, bike, horseback ride, kayak and windsurf. Visit the internationally important rare habitats for the wildlife, or plan your trip around one of the Park’s many events

Snowdonia National Park in North Wales. 
The largest National Park in Wales, Snowdonia also has its highest mountain peaks and largest natural lakes. It’s great for hiking and mountaineering. The Park is also inhabited by about 26,000 people; visit their picturesque villages and learn about the rich culture and local history of the area. 

Check out the Wales’ national tourism website for additional comprehensive info & mapping.

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