Rich architecture awaits you in a humble mountain range in Hubei Province.

Also referred to as Wudang or Wu Tang Shan, the Wudang Mountains have now become one of the most well-known travel destinations in China because of their historical interest and picturesque site. One thing you shouldn’t miss when traveling to this part of Hubei are the UNESCO World Heritage Site-listed buildings and monasteries, including the temples and Taoist structural designs that were built in the 7th century. 

Nonetheless, Basho Matsuo came here not for the temples and monasteries but for a spiritual journey of a lifetime. Here are some of his thoughts on the clip:
--my muscles ached like hell the very next day! Also, this was still China in 2009 and Daoism is a very strange and illusive beast to get a grasp on. So what the hell happened? This is something I will have to go into far more depth about at a later time, but essentially the contrast between this strange and very foreign way of life gave me the space to consider my own thrown into sharp relief. When you meet people and visit places that are so different to your experiences and your life, then you have two choices. You scoff. Or you stop and think. Mount Wudang is one of the best places I have ever visited for making time to stop and think. To, in fact, go beyond thinking and be able to sublime the nature of your existence. It is a fair thing to say that I walked down Wudang a different person that I walked up, but that I didn't realize it until much later.

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