One of the most popular travel destinations in Southeast Asia, Singapore takes pride in its towering skyscrapers and modern subways, all of which showcases how well off of a city it is even with a combination of Indian, Chinese and Malay heritage.

With its tropical climate, pulsating nightlife, sumptuous food and excellent shopping establishments, life in Singapore is, without a doubt, one that is highly coveted.

Another thing about Singapore travel we love, is how safe the country is, especially for single women travelers. 

Take a peek at what this Garden City offers, and decide if you yourself are willing to spend some part of your life in here. Check out Rick Macomber’s video, where he confesses to:

“Having traveled to Singapore many times now and having produced a few shorts on this beautiful city in Southeast Asia, this time I thought it would be fun to interview some friends to see what their take is on the place I've grown to love. Since I was not "working" while I was there, I only brought out my camera and gear while eating and hanging where the cool kids hang. I wish there had been more time to shoot, but that would not have been fair to the folks I was there to see.”

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