Aside from pampering yourself in the spa town of Harrogate, what else could you do in this North Yorkshire community?

Harrogate Cenotaph


Harrogate has always pulled in a good number of travelers even in the past, and the main travel attraction highlight in this town is no other than its spa waters in the RHS Harlow Carr gardens, which particularly attracts people who wish to treat their illnesses through the waters’ salt, sulphur and iron content.

Aside from being a spa town though, there are other things that a perfectly healthy traveler could do in Harrogate, and this includes visiting the Low Harrogate wherein you could check out the impressive Mercer Art Gallery and the imposing Royal Pump Room.

Gareth Huw Davies of the Daily Mail UK further supports the idea that apart from ‘water treatment’, there are other activities that could be done in Harrogate (“High Tea, Hot Water and Heavenly Yorkshire Views: Six Things You Must Do in Harrogate”). This, of course, includes sampling the little gastronomic treats that this spa town could offer; hence, he didn’t hesitate to sink his teeth into “some scrumptious macaroons, vanilla slices or its signature fat rascals”.

In addition to these afternoon desserts, he also visited one of the popular travel attractions in Harrogate. Here’s an excerpt from his article:

The gardens of Harlow Carr, set out in the 1880s on the edge of Harrogate, have become a very 21st century attraction. On our visit a helpful volunteer showed us wonderful photographs of trees turning different colors in winter. The bird hide is worth a visit too - we saw a great spotted woodpecker, bullfinches and coal tits. The garden even has its own branch of Betty’s tearoom. See

Read through the rest of his travel article here, and learn more about the four other things that could be done in Harrogate.

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