You don’t need to dress up and spend hundreds of bucks just so you could get the best meals while in Vegas because a 20-minute trip to a humble resto on East Sunset Road is all you’ll need to do just that.

Todd’s Unique Dining – A Real Foodie’s Choice

If you don’t have any plans to spend over a hundred dollars just so you could stuff good food into your mouth, then perhaps the less than $35 main courses at Todd’s Unique Dining will save you from all that unnecessary trouble. Helmed by the renowned Chef Todd Clore, this namesake family resto serves the freshest meals in Vegas, examples of which are the lobster-wrapped sole as well as the grilled skirt steak.

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A uniquely fresh and flavorful restaurant where we surprise you each day with delicious new creations… You will find yourself enjoying the freshest seafood which we receive only hours out of the water from such locations as Cape Cod and Alaska, known for the most tender and tasteful seafood in the world.

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