The hand-made crafts at the grand bazaar, Istanbul. You gotta shop here!

If you are visiting Turkey soon, don't forget to drop by the Grand Bazaar (Kapali Carsisi) in Istanbul. This is a wonderful place to shop for Turkish hand-made crafts like colorful carpets fit for a king, unique jewelry pieces, clothes, and leather-made items.

The Grand Bazaar is located in the old part of town, which you can reach via tram or by taking a cab. The main street is where all the jewelry shops are lined up. You better get your haggling game on as you scour through the beautiful jewels and gold jewelries here as they can be a bit overpriced. If you have extra time on your hands, it is highly recommended to walk through the small streets and take time to really see everything so you'll find something you really want at a good price.

Should you give your tired feet some time off, head over to a go-to coffee shop in the area: Cafe Sultan. They serve refreshing cold drinks or the typical Turkish coffee. Right around the area where the cafe is are the shops that sell shawls and carpets. What's really nice to buy in the Grand Bazaar, however, are the Turkish towels used in the Hamam. These are great to use at home as well as the beach since they are not thick so they dry faster.

When you experience the Grand Bazaar, you'll feel like how many tourists felt--there's not enough time to really explore it! So plan your holiday in Istanbul carefully so you'd have time to go around the Grand Bazaar as well.

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