Undeniably rich in culture and history, you might be surprised to know that a more beautiful version of Wales is waiting at its countryside.

Llangollen Canal, UK



Wales proves in its cityscape that it is indeed a UK nation, and while you can observed the considerable change of building and scale height in its capital city, Cardiff, most of its real beauty is seen in the countryside.
No one can deny the fact that aside from impressive castles, Wales also possesses natural beauties as evidenced by its gorgeous landscapes, beautiful mountains, wonderful beaches and striking national parks.
A breathtaking view of the countryside could actually be enjoyed when you take a brilliant cruise along the Llangollen Canal, a traversable canal that crosses the border between Wales and England. Daily Mail UK Travel features this canal along with a narrowboat that lets you see the amazing views of the countryside (“A Holiday at 4mph: Canals, Quiet and Calm on a Narrowboat Break in Wonderful Wales”).
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There are all sorts of things to master when you get on a narrowboat - how to steer, for a start - and the waterways have their own etiquettes, such as passing on the right and queuing properly for tunnels… When it comes to maneuverability, a narrowboat is more miniature oil tanker than yacht. I swerved and weaved; I whacked bridges; on one occasion I drew applause from a whole coach party of Americans when making an incompetent 18-point turn. While all this is happening, one's everyday concerns simply vanish from the mind. And alongside the slapstick were periods of blissful serenity, of floating at lawnmower pace in the sunshine, of counting the landmarks to the next perfect pub.
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