New Castle, Pennsylvania, the home of the best chilidogs and spectacular fireworks

New Castle might be a small city, but this is where you can savor the best chilidogs in the country, and watch spectacular fireworks display!

A city if Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, New Castle is located along the Shenango River and  covers a total area of 8.6 square miles.  It was established as a city in 1869 and was known as the tin plate capital of the world. The city, like any other cities in the United States, had its share of up and downs, and was part of the rust belt, a region that has seen population decline, urban decay, and economic loss due to the shrinking of the industrial field. Thanks to the fireworks industry and its chilidogs, New Castle has recovered from economic decline, and is on its way to progress. The city is ideal for a day trip from Pittsburgh which is 50 miles away.

New Castle is known for its chilidogs, so make sure you are hungry when visiting the city. You have to try the chilidogs in Coney Island which has been serving hotdogs since 1920; Bills Sandwich Shop which also serves Greek cuisine; and Poi Lunch, a favorite of the locals. If you are wondering how New Castle gained a reputation of having the best chilidogs in the country, it was the Greek immigrants who came to New Castle in the early 1900's who started making hotdogs that have a distinctive flavor. Aside from hotdogs, the city is known for fireworks, it is the home of Zambelli Fireworks, and Pyrotecnico, the leading manufacturers of fireworks in the country. You can also visit its top attractions including Cascade Park, Living Treasures Wild Animal Park, Scottish Rite Cathedral, and the Lawrence County Historical Society.

The best time to visit New Castle is during the annual "Fireworks Festival", when you can watch the spectacular fireworks display, unless you want to take a quick trip to the city at any time of the year to enjoy its chilidogs! Consult your travel agent for more details. 

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