Cyprus has always been a popular travel destination of many travelers - here are just a few ways why!

Include the Laid-Back Side of Cyprus in Your Travel Plans

This Mediterranean island is home to ancient and archaeological ruins that date as far back as the New Stone Age up to the Roman Empire.  It's also however, home to lovely coastlines that remain largely untouched by the now urban lifestyle of most locals.

While most travelers may initially explore Cyprus’ rich capital city Nicosia, Daily Mail UK writer Jane Horrocks opted for a more laid-back part of the nation by vacationing at the town of Polis and exploring the nearby travel attractions (“On the Sleepy Side of Cyprus…Where Even Punch-ups are Friendly”). She adds that,

“Mass tourism has turned its back on Polis over the past few years, and as a result the restaurant-lined streets of the pedestrianised centre are a perfect and tranquil setting for a long dinner of meze.”

Below is an excerpt from her article:

“The stretch of coast that runs north-east from Polis towards Pomos is a no-frills area - its roadside beaches backed by the odd palm or banana tree have something of the undeveloped Caribbean about them.

Our own villa, on a promontory just outside the tiny village of Nea Dimmata, enjoyed uninterrupted views back towards Polis; every night we were guaranteed the sight of the sun setting lazily over the waves.

A fantastic place to bask in the sun is the tiny pebble beach at the fishing village of Pomos. Known as Relax Beach (chalked up on a bit of driftwood next to the entrance); it's a cozy spot popular with locals.”

Read the entire piece of the writer’s article, and see if you will be further convinced by the promising laidback lifestyle in this quieter part of Cyprus.

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