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Ascension of Church, Moscow



From the centuries-old Church of the Ascension found at Kolomenskoye and the graveyard of fallen monuments displaying the former Soviet Union’s statues in Moscow to St. Petersburg’s huge collection of Russian sculpture and paintings at its Russian Museum, Russia truly has something for every type of traveler.
In addition, Derek Whitfield of the Daily Mail UK Travel suggests other things to do in these great Russian cities as he shares his experience during his 15-day cruise around the country (“Enjoy the Russian Evolution: Cosmonauts, Vodka and an Island Church with 22 Domes”). Here’s an excerpt of his travel post:
The itinerary also included visits to the Moscow Circus and the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, while in St Petersburg we could look forward to a boat trip along the famous canals and a private ballet performance in one of the city's oldest palaces… There was also the chance to learn Russian and get tips on Russian cookery and how to drink vodka – down in one, as you ask! Our adventure began at Moscow's northern boat station where we joined Scenic Tsar, a ship catering for 112 guests. More than 90 per cent of cabins have private balconies, en suites and satellite TV – my wife Alison and I were in a Panorama Suite with views rivaling those from the bridge. 

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