Flight Food for the First-class Foodie

by Anglo Brampton Travel -

The Practical Traveler column from the NYTimes Travel Section is one of my favorite go-to sources for travel info.

One article in particular, by Michelle Higgins: ”Pack a Picnic for Your Next Flight.” Traveling itself is stressful enough, and a growling stomach with no edible food in sight can make any flier go a little nuts.

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The article has some excellent suggestions that will not only curb your hunger but have you dining gourmet-style at 30,000 feet above.

One tip is to freeze your food beforehand. Despite popular belief, you are allowed to bring food with you through security, along with anything liquid under 3oz.

Chef Josh Capon of Lure Fishbar manages to enjoy a snazzy shrimp cocktail, complete with dipping sauce, by freezing it all the night before. By the time he’s on the flight, the little guys have thawed out and are ready to eat.

Melissa d’Arabian, the host of the Food Network’s “Ten Dollar Dinners,” takes it to the next level.

“For a hot meal, Ms. d’Arabian recommends packing cooked whole grain pasta, which tends to hold its shape better than softer pastas under the duress of travel, Parmesan cheese in a separate plastic bag and some chopped cherry tomatoes or other vegetables. “And then here’s my trick,” she said, “I ask the flight attendant for half a cup of tea water. I pour it over my pasta, close it up and let it sit for a minute or two and drain it back into the cup. Now my pasta is warm.” Add the veggies and cheese and you’ve got a real meal in coach.”

I’m more of a granola girl myself, but this really takes the cake.

Word to the wise: if you’re going to host a cooking session on your seat tray, make sure you wipe it down first with a disinfecting wipe.

Another good suggestion would be to use a locking container with a silicon rim (like Lock & Lock) to prevent leakage.

Something else I’ve noticed: it’s really only the American airlines that have the lame food options. Any thoughts on this?


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