As long as you have your smartphone with you, you’ll see no problems in finding good food when traveling.

Find Good Food at the Touch of Your Fingers with Burpple

Although there are prudent travelers who’ve already researched what restos to dine in during their trip abroad or even in another city, some just don’t have enough time to prepare themselves on finding such piece of information. So if you always want to get the latest and most recommended restos and food wherever you’re traveling to, then Burpple is one free app that you shouldn’t miss downloading. 

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Dixon Chan, co-founder of Burpple, thinks that Burpple is a much needed app because there’s just too much effort in trying to remember the details of that delicious meal you had last Tuesday (and beyond of course). And above anything else, it’s almost impossible to find old food posts shared on Facebook and Twitter. Not only that, if you want to find a new restaurant, review sites are filled with the opinions of people you just don’t care about… So instead of struggling to search for restaurants you’ve enjoyed (and ones you will enjoy but haven’t yet sampled), Burpple’s lovely app has the solution: a ‘foodfolio’ of all your culinary triumphs, and opinions on restaurants from the people whose taste you trust. “We dream of a world connected through food moments.” says Chan, and that is what Burpple is all about.

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