Want to see the town that was home to the von Trapp family? Then check out the Salzburg Historical Walking Tour in Austria. On this tour visitors will explore Salzburg's Baroque old town and see Mirabell Gardens, Mozart House and St Peter's Monastery.

Explore the home of Amadeus Mozart on a Salzburg Historical Walking Tour

If your heart is alive with the Sound of Music, join the  Salzburg Historical Walking Tour. Whether you love the famous von Trapp family or enjoy the classical music of Amadeus Mozart, the  Salzburg Historical Walking Tour is for you. The tour will explore the Salzburg old town and visit highlights such as the Mirabell Gardens, Mozart House and St Peter's Monastery.

This two hour walking tour takes you not only to the most famous attractions of Salzburg, but also covers the interesting facts behind the places as well as the Salzburg celebrities, the Von Trapp family and classical composer Mozart. Visit the spectacular Mirabell Gardens and palce, famous for their part in the Sound of Music film.You will also visit the home where one of the world's most famous musicians was born and raised at the Mozart House. You will also visit St.Peters Monastery where you can eat at the world's oldest restaurant. 

Salzburg, Austria is a fascinating old town in itself, but if you are a music fan the city will truly come to life. Join the Salzburg Historical Walking Tour, you will be dancing in the hills with glee.

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