Herefordshire is primarily popular for its agricultural industry, but do you know that it also boasts of the most scenic rural places in England?

Cider Orchard in Herefordshire, England



Located in the western part of England and sharing a boundary with Wales, Herefordshire seems to be only famous for its Hereford cattle as well as cider and various fruit production.
Nonetheless, what seems to be just like another rural county, in fact, treasures more than a hundred castles, including the mock Tudor Eastnor Castle and the millennium-old Hereford Castle. Aside from these, this ceremonial county also vaunts of breathtakingly beautiful sceneries.
Joanna Tweedy of Daily Mail UK travel takes a trip to Herefordshire, which is considered to be one of the most meagerly-populated and rural area in England (“Many Reasons Wye: Bucolic Scenery and Nectarous Cider in Beautiful Border Country”). She takes the Wye Valley Walk just so she could witness the extraordinary view of the River Wye.
Below is a brief excerpt of her recent article:
Making eyes at Wales but geographically on the English side of the Anglo-Welsh border, it is a region that bristles with bucolic drama. Steep limestone gorges give way to gentle pastures; handsome forests that once wooed William the Conqueror transcend into tranquil woodlands. Through it all, and forming the actual Welsh border at one point, runs the River Wye… Punctuated by salmon pools, ramshackle bridges and Iron Age hill forts, this passage of water garlands together the region’s tourist highlights, cutting a swathe through the likes of literati favorite Hay-on-Wye, riverside city Hereford and market town Ross-on-Wye. It has inspired everyone from Wordsworth to Turner.
Go over the remainder of her interesting article, and without a doubt, you’d also be captivated by her words about Herefordshire.

So start planning your trip to Herefordshire today!

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