5 Can't Miss Markets Around the World

by Anglo Brampton Travel -

If you're lucky enough to visit some of the world's greatest cities, one stop on your itinerary should be the local market. Check out below as we highlight 5 Can't Miss City Markets. 

1. Jemaa El Fna - Marrakech Morocco. More than a square this amazing market is home to street performers, snake charmers and some of the most authentic food experiance in Morocco.

2. Grand Bazaar - Instanbul. This market isn't just for tourists. Since the 1400's people have been shopping in this area and leaving many a dollar behind.

3. Pike Place Market - Seattle. Home of the flying fish market and hundreds of shops the pike place market is no longer just for the fish.

4. The Original Farmers Market - Los Angeles. Over 90 shops and restaurants to choose from the original farmers market has been a favorite for over 70 years.

5. Tsukiji Fish Market - Tokyo. This is not a market where you go to just "shop". This is the famous fish market where licenced dealers go to bid on over 450 species of fish.

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