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Thanks to an influx of Italian immigrants over the last century, Wales now boasts the best ice-cream in the UK. Check out some of these local favorites to satisfy your sweet tooth while exploring the country. 

Joes Ice Cream Wales.jpg

UK National Award Winners

Frank’s Ice Cream in Carmarthenshire 
Since 1920, Frank’s has been scooping the best ice cream that Wales has to offer. Winner of the Carmarthenshire Family Scoop National Ice Cream Award, not only does this shop distribute its own premium ice cream brand across the country, but they also offer a delicious Diabetic Ice-Cream
Address: Capel Hendre Industrial Estate, Ammanford, Dyfed SA18 3SJ 
Tel: ‪            +44 1269 832400       ‬‎

Joe’s Ice Cream in Swansea 
Originally a coffee house for early miners and dock workers in the late 19th century, this family of Italian immigrants soon began to source the finest ingredients in Wales to make the unique tasting ice cream still served today. Here are the different retail locations

Fecci & Sons Ice Cream in Tenby 
Fecci & Sons is a local institution, known for their large portions and for serving up traditional Italian ice-cream with supreme flavors and smooth creamy textures. Open at 8am, come by for breakfast & coffee, or stop by later for a tasty afternoon treat. Full children’s menu available. 
Address: Upper Frog Street, Tenby SA70 7JD 

More Local Favorites

La Belle Rouge in Aberystwyth 
This shop produces an artisan ice-cream made from the milk of the water buffalo that graze the pastures of West Wales. Combined with simple organic ingredients and complemented with fruit coulees, this is truly a unique treat. 
Address: Llanon, Aberystwyth, SY23 5LZ 
Tel: 01974 202906 

Cadwaladers - 3 cafés in Cardiff 
Cadwaladers is a well-known and well-liked chain in Wales. Most of the food items are made in house or specially for the stores. The Café offers not only ice cream and coffee, but scones, pies, cup cakes, and sandwiches. Many of their flavors can be found in local grocery markets as well. Here are the different café locations.


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Stretching across the Welch countryside are magnificient expanses of green and mountainous scenery. Much of this land has been deemed environmentally important and therefore deserving of government protection. For the tourist, this means three spectacular National Parks, waiting to be explored. 


In addition to the areas that have been designated as National Parks, the Welch government has also identified smaller but still important parts of the region as ”Areas of Outstanding Beauty.” While these labels are primarily for environmental reasons rather than to promote tourism, you can be sure that you will experience unspoiled scenery at its finest.

National Park status offers the highest level of environmental and planning protection in Wales, to the extent that each National Park is also a Governmental Organization in its own right, called a “National Park Authority.”

Within the parks are (carefully planned) facilities including Public Toilets, Parking, Visitor Center, and even Gift Shops selling branded merchandise.

The 3 National Parks:
Brecon Beacons National Park in Mid Wales. 
Enjoy the stunning landscape, canal paths, castles, rolling countryside, waterfalls, and more. Plenty of family attractions, outdoor activities, and musical events, including the international Hay Festival. Here is info about where to stay locally in Brecon Beacons, or for a wider geographical area, visit Mid Wales Tourism

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park in South Wales. 
The first National Park in the UK, this park has everything from rugged hills to sandy beaches. Climb, bike, horseback ride, kayak and windsurf. Visit the internationally important rare habitats for the wildlife, or plan your trip around one of the Park’s many events

Snowdonia National Park in North Wales. 
The largest National Park in Wales, Snowdonia also has its highest mountain peaks and largest natural lakes. It’s great for hiking and mountaineering. The Park is also inhabited by about 26,000 people; visit their picturesque villages and learn about the rich culture and local history of the area. 

Check out the Wales’ national tourism website for additional comprehensive info & mapping.

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The Buttery is one of Glasgow's finest treasures. You must eat here before you leave the city, even if you have to push around your budget a bit. Experience regional cuisine served up fresh and wonderful. You will not be disappointed!

Buttery 2.jpg

The Buttery describes itself as “one of Glasgow’s oldest, most enduring and celebrated restaurants, well known for its relaxed atmosphere and unique interior of oak panelling, stained glass and wonderful mahogany and marble bar.”

The Buttery serves up British and Scottish seafood in a traditional and innovative way, and offers both a set menu and a la carte. The set menu comes with a glass of wine.

The Buttery is known for its unpretentious, friendly and attentive service, who are highly knowledgable about the dishes and how they are prepared.

The tone of the atmosphere is pitch-perfect: decor is elegant and the music sets the mood, making you feel like you’re somewhere special but without being uncomfortable or out of place.

The menu is diverse, high in quality, and also in value. he midweek 5pm deal of 2 courses and a glass of wine for £16 is just great. Start with the poached salmon pieces in tempura batter. Try the wood pigeon, the scallops, the Lemon Sole, or the Sea Bass. There is an excellent wine selection at reasonable prices. Plus vegetarian options!

The Lunch & Pre/Post Theatre menu, incredibly sumptuous looking, is priced fairly at 2 Courses £16.00, 3 Courses £18.50

The Buttery may be located outside the city’s center but do not let this deter you from making a trip to one of Glasgow’s finest.

Two Fat Ladies opened a second restaurant on 2004 in the heart of the City. The City Centre menu is primarily seafood. There is also a West End location and, located in the basement of Two Fat Ladies at the Buttery, is The Shandon Belles.

Hours: 12pm-3pm, 5:30pm-10:30pm 
Address: 652 Argyle Street, Glasgow G3 8UF 
Get There: Via the Anderson Rail Station

Abbey Theatre is Ireland's national theatre, an excellent venue for performances of Irish plays as well as classic and contemporary theatre from around the world.

Abbey Theatre.jpg

The mission and artistic policy of the Abbey Theatre is to create “world-class theatre that actively engages with and reflects Irish society, placing the writer and theatre artist at the heart of the organisation.”

The Theatre maintains a cherished archive of Irish plays, re-imagined and presented to international audiences. It aims to promote and develop the long-term success of Irish Theatre and many of their productions go on to tour nationally and internationally. The Abbey Theatre is, specifically, a writer’s theatre, “the cradle of the Irish literary movement and has produced some of the most significant and crucial plays of the 20th century.”

Here are some stats regarding the Theatre’s output.

Here is how to book tickets. Prices range from €20 / €18 for Previews and Matinees, to €38 / €33 / €29 / €25 for Evening showings.

Check out ways to get involved, talks and workshops to attend, and more.

Get There 
Address: 26/27 Lower Abbey Street 
Tel:             +353 1 878 7222      

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London has notoriously fickle, at times inclement weather. King George infamously referred to the English summer as "three fine days and a thunderstorm." But don't let a little rain put a damper on your trip! Pack thoughtfully and dress smart and you'll be just fine.

Rainy london.jpg

Layers, layers, layers. 
London weather can shift dramatically a few times in a day. As such, you’re going to need a variety of clothing options to accommodate whatever climate you find yourself in. Pack neutral clothes that can be easily layered.

From December through March bring plenty of cozy, warm clothing. Winters are quite chilly. It’s not uncommon for it to snow in April either. Pack gloves and a hat that covers your ears. Wear high shoes or boots to keep your feet warm and dry. Leather or waterproof is best.

May through August you should be safe with summer clothes, but pack some sweaters and a jacket with a hood for drizzly weather. Skip the sandals - they’re miserable in the rain and you’re probably going to be doing a lot of walking. Wear comfortable sneakers (“trainers”) or otherwise.

Leave the umbrella at home. They’re less useful than hoodies and will take up too much space; besides you can very easily pick one up around town. Check out J. Smith at 53 New Oxford Street - they’ve been selling umbrellas for over 150 years. They’re also readily available (and cheap) at any London high street shop.

And don’t worry! If you forget to pack something remember that you’re in one of the fashion capitals of the world. There’s fantastic shopping everywhere, so you are sure to pick up some neat items for your trip (and to take home!).

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So you’ve managed to get together the cash to travel to your dream destination. The problem is, once you’re there, it’s a constant balancing game of getting the most out of your time there while sticking to your budget. Luckily for you, not only are there plenty of free or heavily discounted options available, but these attractions often offer the most fun and authentic of experiences. Here’s where to get started. ![alt title]( **Free Admission**
If there’s a museum or exhibition of some kind that you want to check out, find out if they offer any free nights. Many museums offer free public entry for one night during the week. If you have a student or military ID, bring it along during your trip and see where it’s accepted for free or reduced admission. Another free place to visit is a public library. This may sound boring but when you’re talking about somewhere like the [Boston Public Library][1], where you can see a Gutenberg Bible, collections of rare art, and palace-style architecture, free admission sounds pretty good. **Metro Card**
You’ll need to get around somehow, so take advantage of the all-inclusive metro card that many cities now offer. Pay a set amount for public transportation over a designated period of time, and then enjoy FREE admission to many attractions, landmarks and sights. The [Roma Pass][2] is a card that offers you transport and two museums free of charge, as well as reductions for all other museums and major events. Other examples include the [Go Chicago Card][3] (free & unlimited admission to all attractions), the London Pass (free entry to over 55 top London attractions & tours), and the [Lisboa Card][4] (free or discounted entrance to more than 80 Lisbon museums, sights, & tours), just to name a few. Seriously - just google the city metro and see what the options are. **Parks & Plazas**
Outdoor spaces like public parks and downtown plazas are almost always free and perfect for taking in the culture while getting in some down time. Think about it: you can pick up some bread and cheap wine and picnic by the Eiffel Tower; or spend an hour or two snapping photos by Rome’s famous [Trevi Fountain][5]. Or maybe just enjoy some freshly squeezed juice in Cusco’s Plaza de Armas. Around London you can spot some of [Banksy’s street art][6], and in downtown Buenos Aires you can catch a free tango performance. There are plenty of possibilities wherever you go. **See Where Your Legs Take You**
Walk - just walk. Wander through different neighborhoods, and really look at the architecture, the roads, and the people. One of my favorite memories from my trip to Cartagena, Colombia was strolling through the Old City and admiring the beautiful rainbow of Spanish-style townhouses. These side trips are where you’ll get your favorite pictures. And for some destinations, wandering is an absolute must. It’s said that you haven’t really seen Venice until you’ve gotten lost within the chaotic city grid. Stay safe, but don’t be afraid to step outside the tourist zone and discover something new. **Local Events**
Festivals, parades, and farmers’ markets are ripe with activity and local culture and you can wander around and soak it all in without having to pay for a thing. Markets are weekly, if not daily in some places, and with some planning you can easily match your trip up with a big festival or event going on while you’re there. You can also ask around or check local entertainment guides for other events like live music or movie screenings in parks, poetry readings, art walks, and more. **Bonus!**
[Ask us!][7] Our travel team has tons of experience and expertise with all ranges of travel budgets. We'll send you on your way to your perfect trip. [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]: [7]: