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Gorky Park, a must visit when in Moscow

Who would have thought that travelers will be able to visit Moscow and its numerous attractions! There was a time that traveling to Moscow was wishful thinking but when the Soviet Union was dissolved in 1991, travelers from around the world were given the chance to visit and explore Moscow.

The capital of the Russian Federation, Moscow is known for its historic landmarks, grandiose architectures, and numerous attractions including Gorky Park, which is a must visit when in Moscow. The Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure often called Gorky Park, was opened in 1926, and now covers a total area of 300 acres. Named after Maxim Gorky, a Russian and Soviet writer, Gorky Park is a central park of culture and leisure, Russia’s first park of its kind. It became famous in the western world when it was described in the novel Gorky Park which later became a movie. It was also the inspiration for the song "Wind of Change" by the German Hard Rock band Scorpions; the name of a rock and roll Russian band; the title of one of the game achievements in the multiplayer shooter video game, Team Fortress 2; and was featured in the film Police Academy: Mission to Moscow. Gorky Park is just 5 kilometers away from the heart of Moscow.

The park is one of the most popular attractions in Moscow. It draws in an average of 20,000 people daily. It features a business area, an outdoor movie theater, observatory, cafes, bars, restaurants, and a greenhouse where you can buy fresh produce. It also showcases an indoor and an outdoor sports center where you can enjoy a variety of activities including handball, football, volleyball, roller blading, or cycling. And that’s not all, lessons on aerobics, dancing, and yoga is offered too. Kids will have a fantastic time in Gorky Park with its three kids' clubs where they can enjoy art classes from a master, and a number of kid-friendly activities. A large skating rink is available during winter for kids of all ages!

Gorky Park is open 24 hours and doesn’t cost a cent to enjoy. It is an excellent place to relax after hours of visiting the numerous attractions of Moscow. Consult your travel agent for more details. 

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